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Garage doors are as important as any other machine or gadget you own. A garage door consists of several small and big parts that come together to function as one unit. All these parts are prone to some or the other form of damage. Some of them demand periodic replacement. That makes the role of garage door companies very crucial. We, Garage door repair Mesquite are a garage door repair company that repairs, maintains and inspects garage doors and also offers garage door spare parts. We even repair and replace garage door openers at affordable garage door opener repair cost.

More Info on Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is the main component involved in the opening and closing mechanism of the garage door. It is the motorized part that lifts and lowers the garage door. Without a garage door opener, an automatic garage door is essentially useless. There are primarily three types of garage door openers; screw drive based garage door opener, belt drive based garage door opener and chain drive based garage door opener. The main difference between the three is the amount of noise they make. Chain drive makes the most noise while belt drive makes the least.

We stock garage door openers of all three types. In fact, we can even hook you up with a wireless key entry system. Note that the garage door parts we stock are from the most sought after manufacturers in the business. That includes the likes of Amarr, C.H.I., Clopay, Midland, Northwest Door, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster, Sears and others.

When to Call Us for Garage Door Opener Repair

The longer you allow a garage door opener related problem to persist, the harder it would be for us to restore your garage door opener repair parts. So, garage door opener repair company insist you call as soon as you identify there’s something wrong with your garage door. Now, the most common problems with garage door openers are electric in nature. Notably, logic board malfunction and stripped nylon gears. That said, something as elementary as a short circuit could also trigger an issue. When something goes wrong with your garage door opener, you’d notice indications such as:

  • The garage door responding erratically to your commands
  • The garage door not responding to you at all
  • The garage door not responding to you all the time (only sometimes)
  • The garage door opener light is not on

When you notice any such indication, call us. Note that sometimes when the garage door does not respond to you properly, it’s not because of the garage door opener, it is because of some other issue such as the door not being properly aligned. Don’t worry though, because whatever the matter is, we would sought it right out at reasonable garage door opener repair cost.

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Opener Repair?

We are a professional firm that is home to trained technicians and repairmen that know what they’re doing. There is absolutely no guesswork involved with us; you get what you pay for and garage door opener repair company deliver what you pay us to deliver. If you set out to repair your residential garage door opener on your own, there’s a good chance you’ll get hurt or worsen the state of the garage door opener. We, on the other hand poses both the tools and the know-how to get the job done proficiently and in a safe manner. In addition, you also get the following benefits with us: Life Time warranty with springs and all other garage door parts

  • Same day garage door installation
  • Round the year availability
  • Emergency services
  • Public Holiday Availability
  • Special Offers all year round
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • Round the clock availability
  • Availability on the weekends
  • Large inventory of garage door parts to choose from

There are very few garage door companies in U.S., much less, mesquite, that offer this many advantages under the same roof also the facility of garage door opener repair parts which is being provided by the company itself when it is not working well. Even the ones that do, do so in exchange of very high service prices. We, on the other hand are a family oriented business that offers its services at modest prices. We also care deeply about customer satisfaction by providing garage door opener repair tips and services which they want. We take care of the little things that matter such as calling before arriving and cleaning up before leaving. We even book your appointment as per your convenience and not our own.

Contact Us

Getting in touch with us is really simple. Use the contact information given at the bottom of this page to contact us. You can call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible along with the garage door opener repair tips. Though, we do urge you to go through the special offers section on this website and see if there’s anything in there that appeals to you.